Tissue Recipient

Osiris is 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. He has played competitive football since he was in third grade and wrestling since first grade. Sports were a way he bonded with his dad, as he was one of his biggest fans. At the age of twelve, Osiris lost his dad to cancer. His passion for sports reminds him every day of the special times he shared with his dad.

Around a year and a half ago, he started having knee pains that he thought were just growing pains and pushed through the pain. As they continued, he went to the doctor to get it checked. The doctor misdiagnosed him with hamstring tendonitis, and he started going to physical therapy on and off for a year with little improvement.

Despite the pain and knee troubles, in his first year of high school he took part in football, wrestling, and track. He struggled through the pain the last part of the school year but was able to still letter varsity in all three sports. This past summer, his mom pushed the doctor for an MRI of his knee. The results were not as they hoped, he was diagnosed with an osteochondral lesion of his femoral condyle as well as a discoid meniscus with a slight tear. He needed allograft surgery to fix the bad part of his femur.

Thanks to his tissue donor’s gift, his surgery was a success. He is now recovering, and already his knee feels better than it did last year.

His goal for the future is to go to college on a football scholarship, and thanks to a tissue donor’s final gift, this may be possible.