Tissue Donor

Breanna was everything: responsible, respected, educated, and hard working. She always thought of everything. As her mother, she and I had a very special bond and loved doing things together. She was a snappy dresser too—she loved getting all dressed up and looking like a proper young lady! She was also very close with a group of her friends that called themselves “The Troops” who had been together their whole lives. Her whole family was so proud of her and we all miss her presence dearly.

Shortly before she passed, Breanna gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Aubrey. She was such a great mom for those nine beautiful days she spent with Aubrey.

Breanna did not know her father growing up, but made it her mission to find him and she did. Three months before she passed away she was able to meet her father and found that she had 13 siblings. She spent time connecting and getting to know them and it was in that time that she was presented with the gospel and accepted Jesus Christ! I find comfort that Breanna rests in heaven and was able to impact her new extended family as well as so many others through tissue donation.

Breanna was proud to be a donor. “Mommy, just let them take whatever they need from me” That’s a direct quote from her. She registered to become a donor on the day she turned 18, on the same day she got her drivers permit and became a registered voter. Breanna was proud to be a donor and I am proud to be a donor myself. Breanna’s tissue donation has helped 56 people already!

Bre was able to help prevent infections in burn victims by donating skin grafts, she helped to restore sight to two individuals in California through cornea donation, she has been able to help others regain mobility by donating bones and connective tissue from her legs and arms. Bre also helped restore heart function and repair defects through heart valve donation to a 3 year old boy and a 68 year old man. She helped replace or restore function and mobility to others by donating cartilage.

When Breanna passed, Aubrey’s father and I –decided we would do something special to keep Breanna’s memory alive and give Aubrey something to connect with her mother. We buried her ashes and planted a beautiful Jane Magnolia tree that will bloom with beautiful pink flowers, which were her favorite color. The tree is in Aubrey’s backyard so that she can feel that connection with Breanna. We call it, “Bre’s Tree”.