Tissue Donor

My son Chris was 45 years old when he died. He had moved back home during his amicable divorce and was with us for over four years. This was quality time we had not expected to enjoy with an adult child.

Chris was a loving father and son and would do anything for you even if it meant stress or less of something for himself. He was a Star Wars and Disney fanatic and was building his own bounty hunter costume and looking forward to a family vacation to Disneyland. His favorite holiday was Halloween and dressing up.

On October 8, 2022, he barbequed dinner, shared a movie, and was jovial and alive. A few minutes later, he had a brain hemorrhage caused by high blood pressure (the silent killer), went into a coma, and was dead within 24 hours. Shock and disbelief overwhelmed us all. Once we were informed, he would not survive, we all asked if he would be eligible for organ donation. Our whole family has signed up as potential donors. We all believe that giving to others is a way of living on. This was truly who Chris was.

We wanted anything that could be used to be donated. We were surprised to learn that they were able to use much more than we imagined including skin, bones, organs, and other tissue. With his young age, and otherwise healthy body, he was a good donor candidate.

When I get low and think of him not being with us, I think of all the people who are getting a second chance at life because of Chris, and I can have a moment of happiness.