Tissue Recipient

When I was in third grade, I fell while skateboarding and broke my arm and I was in a cast for a couple of months. Unfortunately, not too long after I had my cast removed, I broke the same arm again. The same year, I broke the arm again, and yet again, for a total of 6 times. We eventually learned that a bone cyst was preventing my arm from completely healing which is why it would repeatedly break so easily. In order to treat the cyst, I needed to have a tissue transplant.

Before the surgery, I was unable to do even simple things like, play outside with my friends at recess because my arm was always in a cast. After the surgery, I was finally able to be a kid again. I could do things like play at recess instead of being stuck inside alone. Now, years later, I can still be active and live freely.

Though I was not aware of tissue donation at the time, I now know how important it is and how it influences so many lives. I now work for Community Tissue Services where I get a first-hand look at the importance of tissue donation and transplantation.

If I could say anything to my tissue donor and their family, I would tell them how truly thankful I am for this gift. Without their generous donation, my life would be very different and I would still be living in constant fear of breaking my arm again.