Tissue Recipient

“My 11-year-old daughter, McKaylynn, needed a tissue transplant for a complete spinal fusion. Due to a chromosome disorder, she was growing too rapidly which caused a severe case of scoliosis. Not only could she not partake in normal activities for a child her age, she was unable to stand up straight and was hunched over to one side.

McKaylynn has a love for life and others and each day she happily greets both. After the tissue transplant she can breathe better and do more physical activities. Once she is fully recovered, she will be able to keep up with kids her age and play with her siblings.

Although I was not aware of tissue donation before this, I now take every opportunity to share the importance of donation with others.

To our donor family, thank you for giving our daughter a better quality of life. Our family is most appreciative and will be forever grateful for our tissue donor’s kindness.”