Tissue Recipient

“In 2008, Shana was in a car accident that completely changed her life. A truck crashed into the driver’s side of her car which caused serious injuries. Her pelvis was completely detached from her spine, every rib bone was broken, both of her lungs were collapsed, she had a shattered knee, a lacerated spleen, and a broken iliac.

Her doctors were hopeful that many of her injuries would heal on their own. Unfortunately, that was not the case. After six months, Shana’s bones had grown too far apart and were unable to be brought back together. But thanks to a tissue donor’s selfless gift, Shana was able to receive a transplant to help her bones regenerate.

Her recovery was not an easy one. It took months for her to work her way up to using a cane. But eventually Shana was able to do the things that were important to her, especially the most important thing of all, being a single mother to her sons. Now, Shana can work and provide for her family, go to her son’s sporting events, be a mother and grandmother, and engage in normal daily activities that she was unable to before.

“My quantity of life was not necessarily extended, but my quality of life was greatly extended through the gift of tissue donation. Without the gift from my donor, I never would have been able to walk again. This gift has had a tremendous impact on my life.”

Thank you to my donor for giving me this incredible gift that has allowed me to do what is most important to me, being a mom. It has truly been a blessing.”

Shana now is an employee at Community Tissue Services, working to help others get the life changing help that she received years ago.”