Tissue Recipient

It was already a difficult time, my wife had just been diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer and was waiting for a mastectomy. I got up from bed too fast and my blood pressure probably dropped causing me to fall resulting in a fractured ulna and dislocated elbow. Surgery wired my ulna together and my elbow was re-aligned, however it did not hold. I needed surgery to repair two tendons and replace another. This was when I was told I would have a donor tendon. I had not heard of this but it was my best option to recover up to 70% use of my arm back.

Following surgery and physiotherapy, I have regained over 90% use of my arm back thanks to a donor’s tendon and exceeding the doctor’s expectations. I cannot explain how it feels to receive this amazing gift. I can feel it like an elastic band in my elbow each time I move. It is reassuring and wonderful having movement back and a fully useful arm. I frequently reflect on what the family must have been through to make this amazing gift and to the donor. I hope they know that they have given me so much for which I am ever grateful.

I can care for my wife without help and following her surgery she has the all-clear for breast cancer. Because of this gift, I am independent and my wife and I can continue our lives.

Thank you so much for the gift,